2012: the year of the Bow and Arrow Hero

As I watched trailers of upcoming movies, I realised that a bow and arrows have become the weapon of choice for cinematic heroes this year. Hey, it sure beats a hammer! You reading this Thor? 😉

At the top of the list of Bow and Arrow Heroes is actually a heroine named Katniss Everdeen. If you’ve read or are obsessed with the upcoming release of “The Hunger Games” (March 23, 2012), you know who she is. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the government has control over everything, 24 teenagers between 12 and 18 must compete annually in a deadly competition of survival called The Hunger Games. Basically, they must kill each other until only one teenager remains; such is what the government wants to further prove that they have control. Katniss uses her wit and her archery skills to survive. Heck! Her bow and arrows are even featured on the movie’s poster. Katniss sure makes it look cool!

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) using her archery skills to survive in “The Hunger Games”

Now onto another heroine: “Brave”, (June 22, 2012) Pixar’s annual release will feature its first ever leading lady named Princess Merida. Not wanting to choose the path that has been laid out for her, Princess Merida defies a custom that creates chaos in her kingdom but thanks to a granted wish and her archery skills, the princess will work hard to save her kingdom. Once again, this heroine’s weapon of choice is the bow and arrow and it’s prominently featured on the movie’s poster!

Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) in “Brave”

Hum… two leading ladies with a bow and arrow… is it because it’s perceived more lady-like to use that weapon over another? Perhaps, but not with the following gentlemen…

Marvel Studios’ much anticipated “The Avengers” (May 4, 2012) features Hawkeye, aka “The World’s Greatest Marksman”, a hero who may not have super powers like the majority of the other Avengers, but is a master at archery, which comes in handy when you want to avenge (no pun intended) bad guys. Based on the pictures of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, this weapon of choice makes for great arms! 😉

Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in “The Avengers”

And of course, what would be a trip to Middle Earth without an expert in archery? According to set stills from “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (December 14, 2012), Peter Jackson’s prequel to his “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, Kili (played by Aidan Turner) is one of the dwarves who accompanies Bilbo Baggins and Gadalf on a quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and carries around a bow and arrow. Since he’s probably the best looking dwarf of the lot, again according to the set stills, its likely people will notice him from the pack 😉

Brothers Fili and Kili (on the right with the bow and arrows on his back) in “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

Remains to be seen if all this pop culture exposure will lead to an increase interest in archery, but what is sure is that we’re not done with bows and arrows in 2012!


4 thoughts on “2012: the year of the Bow and Arrow Hero

  1. Hi!
    I love your post!
    First because it gives me some stuff to add in my F.A.V(Film A Voir) or MTS (Movie to see, am i right ???) and second because it is funny the way you say it ! (love the reference of thor and the hammer)
    I realise that the movie industry is like all others industries ( thinking about fashion industry) …always doing the same thing…you start something and everybody is doing the same. My question is: Is there something like brainstorming meeting of movie to come where all producers and directors go? you know ..some one says : “Why not an hero only using bow and arrows and everybody fllow!”

    And yes ! i am waiting for hunger games but will have to read books first !


    • Merci du commentaire 🙂

      I agree, there are always these trends in the movie industry, like in the fashion industry or other industries, that everybody seems to follow. There was a surge of vampire/werewolf films and TV shows after the first “Twilight” film came out… now there are loads of archery experts 😉 En fait, je prépare un autre article sur d’autres tendances… à suivre… 😉

      As for “The Hunger Games”, you’ll be so proud of me: after starting the book last Sept while at TIFF, I temporarily abandoned it… until this past weekend where I read the last 200 pages! I’m done and can’t wait to see the film!! 🙂


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