What Paul Giamatti must do to win an Oscar

It’s not because we’re in Oscars’ off-season that I can’t talk about them 😉 In fact, this is the perfect time to devise a plan for Paul Giamatti to win his long overdue Oscar!

As I spoke to a dear friend, we realised that there are trends in the Oscar world. In 2005-06, if Giamatti had been in a movie directed by Clint Eastwood and/or written by Paul Haggis, he would’ve won an Oscar! Why? Check out these facts:

  • In 2004, the Eastwood directed “Mystic River” led to Sean Penn and Tim Robbins winning their way overdue Oscars!
  • Then in 2005, the Haggis scripted and directed “Crash” shocked everyone by winning the Best Picture Oscar, leaving front runner “Brokeback Mountain” in the dust…
  • And in 2006, MUCHO OSCAR GOLD was won when the Haggis written “Million Dollar Baby” took home Best Picture, Actress (Hilary Swank), Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman) and Director (Clint Eastwood).

So basically, between 2004 and 2006 : EASTWOOD + HAGGIS + X ACTOR = OSCAR!!!

Sadly, Mr G was in none of those films and came home without a nod (how I remember my anger Oscar nomination morning when his name was not called as a Best Actor nominee for “Sideways”!!!) or win (his sole nomination was for “Cinderella Man”) 😦

The closest Paul ever got to an Oscar was for his supporting role in “Cinderella Man” (2005), his only nomination. (Before you Google it: George Clooney won for “Syriana” that year 😉

But times have changed, Eastwood’s latest film “J. Edgar” (2011) didn’t get a single nomination when it might’ve been a front runner a couple of years ago. Even his previous films like “The Changeling”, “Invictus” and “Hereafter” didn’t live up to Oscar expectations… must be the weird titles 😉 That being said, here’s what Mr. Giamatti has to do now: STAR IN A MOVIE PRODUCED OR DISTRIBUTED BY HARVEY WEINSTEIN!!

I spoke about how Weinstein creates Oscar gold in this article. Here are the facts:

  • In 2011, Colin Firth won the Best Actor Oscar for “The King’s Speech”, distributed by the Weinstein Company. The movie also won Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay.
  • Ditto in 2012 for Jean Dujardin in “The Artist”, the movie was also distributed by TWC. Four other Oscars were won: Director, Original Score, Costume Design and a little one called Best Picture 😉
  • Lest we not forget that this year also (finally) brought Meryl Streep her 3rd Oscar; she hadn’t won one in 29 years. “The Iron Lady” was produced by TWC.

So an Oscar for Mr. G in 2013? Actually, probably not 😦

His upcoming projects include nothing that will be or looks like it might be produced by the Weinstein Company. There’s a David Cronenberg film (“Cosmopolis”), a musical (“Rock of Ages”), a new version of “Romeo and Juliet” (no he’s not Romeo ;), a B-movie directed by the infamous Don Coscarelli (“John Dies at the End”), amongst others: a very diverse plate but nothing that smells Oscar… We’ll see what the 2014 Oscar season looks like… next year 😉

But I must admit that this is what I love about Paul Giamatti: he’s not a conformist, he does whatever he wants and is brilliant in whatever he does! He’s not a good looking guy, but he always manages to get great roles AND he’s a movie star! You would’ve never had a guy like him as a movie star in the 50s-60s. That being said, I STILL WANT HIM TO HAVE AN OSCAR ! 😉

This is the face of a man who hasn’t won an Oscar yet…


8 thoughts on “What Paul Giamatti must do to win an Oscar

  1. Oh, put Paul in a movie with Meryl Streep and he’ll be nominated at least!


    YOU LOVE PAUL!!!!!



    • Thank you for the enriching comment Dujardin Love 😉 Yes, I love Paul and I am not ashamed about it!!!
      Wait until Sunday, I’ll have a BIG Giamatti announcement to make 😉


      • The announcement: “My erotic dream finally had a wonderful ending with Paul”



        I am buying The Artist on Tuesday with my Oscar prize. See ya soon Paul lover!


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