Dear Bruce Willis, I’m sorry for not taking you more seriously up until now!

Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Willis, I like you, I really do, but you never came to mind when I would think of an actor who stars in “critically acclaimed” films. (I might as well admit that whenever I would see your name on the marquee of a film, I would automatically deem the film “uninteresting”… sorry!!!) However, 2012 marks the year when two of your films open the two biggest film festivals in the world. In May, Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” opened Cannes, and in September, “Looper” will open the Toronto International Film Festival. That’s not to be taken lightly, if the programmers of those festivals chose those films to OPEN their festival, it’s because they thought those films were great! It’s too early to see “Looper”, but I have seen “Moonrise Kingdom” and I can understand why the Cannes programmers wanted to give that film some extra exposure, it’s simply fantastic and deserving of it’s opening film status! 

“Moonrise Kingdom”

But I guess you can forgive me for not taking you too seriously beforehand ’cause you have such an eclectic filmography, and you have had many career ups and downs. Case in point, in the late 80s you had a string of hits with the beginning of the “Die Hard” franchise, as well as the “Look Who’s Talking” films. But then by the early 90s, you were labelled a “has-been” after a string of flops including “Death Becomes Her” (1992) and “Striking Distance” (1993). You made good again the following year with “Pulp Fiction”, and then the resurrection of the “Die Hard” franchise (1995), plus “The Fifth Element” (1997) and the Oscar nominated “The Sixth Sense” (1999)… until a new low by the early 2000 until about the 2010s… and now the peak has surged again: you are everywhere knocking out blockbuster AND indie hits alike! “Red” (2010), “The Expendables” (2010) and the aforementioned “Moonrise Kingdom” (2012), which broke the record for highest grosses per screen on its opening weekend last May. What’s going on? What’s your secret? How are you able to withold the test of time in the shark infested waters of Hollywood? 
(All right, I know I am going to get slammed in the comments section because I left out a random good film between 2000 and 2010, but so be it!!)

“Die Hard”

So from now on, I will think twice before giving the “no way am I going to see this” label to a film just because you’re in it! After all, I did that for “Moonrise Kingdom” and did not regret it, as well as a couple of other films, come to think of it, and I think I won’t regret it for many of your upcoming films. I’m going to give you a chance! Thanks for surprising me, Mr. Willis.
wattsatthemovies 🙂

11 thoughts on “Dear Bruce Willis, I’m sorry for not taking you more seriously up until now!

    • I had thought of that movie, but then again, I hadn’t seen it (the BWB, aka Bruce Willis Blockage was in operation) !! But you’re right to include it ’cause it was a hit! My bad!


  1. je connais ce film par réputation ! et je me dis en te lisant qu’il faut définitivement que je le vois! je te tiens au courant quand cela saura fait pour une plus ample discussion 🙂


  2. oh je me suis trompée dans mes commentaires 🙂 ! je parlais de “c est arrivée près de chez vous ” 🙂
    pour ce cher bruce…je l’avais apprécié dans le 6eme sens! i think he is one of the few actor who have been labbelled at holywood but really can surprise you if he has a good scenario and director !
    By the way…I love your letter 😉


    • Haha! Ça explique tout!

      Te connaissant, je crois que tu saurais apprécier l’humour subversif de “C’est arrivé près de chez vous”. Oui, j’aimerais bien qu’on s’en parle lorsque tu le verras, c’est le genre de film dont on ressent le besoin de parler de vive voix!

      Et pour revenir à M. Willis, il est vrai que lorsqu’il a la combinaison d’un bon scénario et réalisateur, il peut être étonnemment bon. Il m’a bien fait rire dans “Moonrise Kingdom”! 🙂


  3. You’re pretty hard with big celebrities, I didn’t know that about you! First with Brad Pitt and now with Bruce Willis, so I can imagine with others! I’m glad you’re growing and recognizing talent. 🙂 I actually want to see movies when his name comes up. Some of my favorites: The Fifth Elemen, The Sixth Sense, Red, Die Hard (of course!), Unbreakable, Blind Date, 12 Monkeys… I think I could go on… 😉


    • Um… Mélanie…
      1) Haven’t you attended 8 out of 9 Oscar Parties and thus would have seen and heard me be mean about several big celebrities?
      2) At least I’m honest about it and recognize my mistakes 😛
      3) Maybe we should watch a Bruce Willis movie together and you could “educate” me…
      4) Aside from “Unbreakable”, which came out in 2000, none of the movies you listed came out in the first decade of the 21st century!!!
      5) Don’t you know that you shouldn’t take me too seriously? 😉

      PS Nice to have you back on the blog 😉


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