Inspired by the wonderful Three Sentence Critic blog, I shall be reviewing “Once” in four sentences (just to be different) and in English. Naturally, this writing exercise will be done only… once 😉
A struggling Irish musician (Glen Hansard) and a struggling Czech immigrant (Markéta Irglovà), herself a pianist, cross paths and spark on the streets of Dublin. Over the course of one week, their restrained flirtation will produce some wonderful music, including the surprise Academy Award winning song “Falling Slowly”, but also some painfully emotional moments concerning love and responsibility. A refreshing take on the musical film, “Once” is not the typical theatrical Broadway musical, being initially created for film and with a naturalistic, dare-I-saw documentary approach, it is raw and real, making us care for the characters and perpetually wondering “what if?”. Both the beauty and frustration of the film is never being satisfied with the answer to that question, which definitely makes it a RENT IT NOW flick!

3 thoughts on ““Once”

  1. I have a lot of love this! Thanks for the mention and I’m glad I was somewhat inspirational here!

    I’ve always wanted to see this one. I saw it whilst I was out in town the other day for £3 and I was so close to purchasing, I don’t know why I didnt!


    • Thanks go back to you for inspiring my one time different take on a review. I say “one time” but I admit that it was a fun challenge so I am leaving the door open to challenge myself, but it’ll never be 3 sentences ’cause that’s your thing 😉

      You see, it’s a sign that you saw the DVD the other day for cheap and then I write the review with a mention of your blog. YOU MUST SEE IT!! 🙂


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