Wanita Wednesdays: “Blade Runner”

From special guest writer Wanita.

After taking an introductory film class, Wanita wished to contribute a little of what she learned. Therefore, every Wednesday until the end of January, Wanita will be talking about a specific aspect of filmmaking or a film she enjoyed, i.e. Wanita Wednesdays! This week: a review of “Blade Runner”.


I enjoyed watching the film “Blade Runner”, however, at times it was a bit confusing. At first, when we find out that the film is set in futuristic L.A., but then there were images of buildings with Japanese ads on them, and for a second I thought the movie somehow moved across the ocean. However, I realised they were still in L.A., yet it amazed me the idea that another culture could completely take over, it seemed like they were in Asia. The idea that life in L.A. had deteriorated, and turned in a bleak, dark place, like those depicted in film noir, were seen through the art direction. The fire coming out through the roof tops, the constant rain, and the overcrowded city portrayed a dark place.

Harrison Ford’s apartment had walls made up of squares. It wasn’t very small, but it was cluttered and made him look trapped. This entrapment might have been something he wanted. He had wanted nothing to do with his blade runner job anymore, it seems he chose to lock himself away to avoid it. What I also find interesting was that he seemed to have no other obligations, it’s not like he had any other job that he had to leave behind, or any family either. I also noticed that he kept photos on his piano. They were a lot like the photos the replicants carried around with them. This could have suggested that Ford was also a replicant. However, I don’t think that’s true. Many of these replicants seemed to be super strong, as though nothing could stop them. Ford used to stop them, he didn’t fight with them one on one, nor did he put up a good fight against the replicant who was a snake dancer. It seemed Ford did not enjoy hunting the replicants, maybe the photos are what drive him to do his job.

LAST DETAILS: “Blade Runner” (1982) directed by Ridley Scott, written by David Peoples and Hampton Francher, based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and Darryl Hannah.


2 thoughts on “Wanita Wednesdays: “Blade Runner”

  1. J’ai vu ce film plus de 50 fois. C’est mon meilleur film. Ce qui fait de moi, LE GEEK number 1.

    Also best soundtrack EVER !!!!


    • Pff!!! On verra ben qui est Geek number one après les résultats du 24 février!!! J’ai déjà réservé une place pour mettre mon Oscar du PLUS MEILLEUR BEST GEEK!!!!


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