Wanita Wednesdays: editing in “Blue Velvet”, “The Godfather” and “JFK”

From special guest writer Wanita.

After taking an introductory film class, Wanita wished to contribute a little of what she learned. Therefore, every Wednesday until the end of January, Wanita will be talking about a specific aspect of filmmaking or a film she enjoyed, i.e. Wanita Wednesdays! This week: the editing in “Blue Velvet”, “The Godfather” and “JFK”.

The roles of an editor seem very daunting. To be able to initially go through so much film, then after choosing scenes, editing them, it really does seem like a nightmare. I think editors today are probably really grateful we have computers that help so much with editing. I also think that editing can really make a film standout and keep the attention of the audience. At the same time, it isn’t just putting images on screen, it makes the audience think about what they are seeing, and why they are seeing it this way. Like in “Blue Velvet”, when the camera goes deep down to the ground level. The shots shown before give this impression of a happy town with everyday people. But with that one ant level scene, it shows that the happy town seen before also has layers.


I found my favorie clip shown was from “The Godfather”. The cross-cutting used was really efficient. It was obviously drawing parallels between the child newly born into this religion, and the new Godfather being initiated into his role. The same scenes also showed what the child was being born into, and what he might end up being a part of one day.

the godfather poster

The jump cutting used in “JFK” was also interesting to watch. I’ve seen parts of the movie before and noticed that type of cutting. I found the cutting gave a face to the people they were talking about, it clarified who and what they were talking about.

jfk movie poster


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