Meet Joe Lagana, the artist behind the Watts at the Movies cartoons

Ever wondered who drew the cartoons that have graced the top part of the WATM blog since its inception? Well, it’s my dear friend Joe Lagana, accomplished cartoonist, guitar God, and overall funny guy, as showcased in his ridiculously short biography:

Joe Lagana has been drawing cartoons since he could remember.  If someone needs a cartoon, for any occasion, he’s always glad to oblige.  Especially if its for a laugh at their expense.

Obviously, Joe is the guy on the left, and not the one wearing a tight spider suit ;)

No, that’s not Paul Giamatti on the left, it’s actually Joe Lagana, hanging out with his idol Spiderman 😉

To Joe’s credit, he’s not only able to accurately portray someone in detail, but he’s also able to capture the essence of the person, whether it be their zaniness, their calmness, or their geekiness… as evidenced in the WATM header, or its predecessor, posted below.

As mentioned in his bio, Joe is available for contract work, so if you wish to contact him, email me at and I’ll pass on the information to Mr. Lagana. You won’t regret it!!

Thank you Joe for the cartoons! YOU ROCK!! (C’est ça qui est ça!) 🙂



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