“Hyde Park on Hudson”

Une critique en quatre phrases parce que “Hyde Park on Hudson” est un titre en quatre mots! Ce n’est peut-être pas une bonne raison, mais c’est ma raison!! 😉

Un film innocemment divertissant, en d’autres mots simple, sans prétentions mais surtout oubliable. Nous sommes en 1939, à la veille de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, le Président des États-Unis Theodore Roosevelt (Bill Murray, parfaitement endiablé) n’a que désir de relaxer dans ce temps si stressant qu’il s’établit, avec son entourage présidentiel, à sa résidence d’été de Hyde Park et fait venir sa cousine Daisy (Laura Linney, pour qui ceci est loin d’être le meilleur rôle) pour le divertir de plus d’une façon… Mis à part la visite du roi George VI d’Angleterre et son épouse la Reine Élizabeth, l’humour était souvent forcé ce qui rendait le film quelque peu pénible; je ne pouvais m’empêcher de me dire que Roosevelt méritait un bien meilleur film! Le verdict ne peut être que LOUEZ LE S’IL N’Y A RIEN D’AUTRE AU CLUB VIDÉO!!

Hyde Park on Hudson poster


2 thoughts on ““Hyde Park on Hudson”

  1. An annoying film in its depiction of women, especially the meanness towards Eleanor Roosevelt, and historical inaccuracies!!!

    Eleanor was deeply hurt by his long time affair with Lucy Mercer that began during World War 1, that she offered a divorce, but it was not politically the best thing for Roosevelt at the time. So she made a life for herself outside of the marriage, fighting for human rights and other causes and surrounded herself with good friends, both male and female.

    The depiction of the King & Queen of England and their relationship is wrong. Elizabeth hated Bertie’s brother Edward for abdicating and would never compare her husband’s actions to what his brother would do. Even more so, Edward after abdicating was courted by Hitler and other fascists, which was an embarrassment to the Royal Family and a danger for Great Britain. The film made them look dumb and provincial as opposed to the more sophisticated Americans.

    The film depicted Roosevelt as a womanizer, though he did have affairs, it has not been proven that he balanced 3 at a time!

    Now most of the information I got from reading and off reliable sources from the internet (there are some). Was it so difficult for the makers of the film to find this things? It might have made for a better film.

    As for the film itself, as much as I love to watch Laura Linney act and Bill Murray do dramatic roles, there just wasn’t enough chemistry between the two. I found the story didn’t know where to focus on, the weekend of the royal visit or the affairs that Roosevelt had.

    One thing of note, Bill Murray is a better dramatic actor than a comic actor. See his dramatic roles in Razor’s Edge and especially Lost in Translation.

    If you want to see a better made movie about Roosevelt watch Warm Springs with Kenneth Branagh and Cynthia Nixon.


    • Thanks for the thorough historical backdrop. I usually like to research before and after I see a film, but this one was so unberable I didn’t even bother…

      Norie, you just keep filling up my list of films to see! But I am a fan of Cynthia Nixon, she has quite a range that goes beyond Miranda Hobbes, so I do want to see “Warm Springs” 😉


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