2014: the Year of David Oyelowo

Chances are that unlike years past, this edition of « …the Year Of… » features an actor you have never even heard of! But you will be mistaken, because you definitely have seen British actor David Oyelowo somewhere (you just don’t know it yet!) and you will definitely have seen him in at least one of the films listed below by the end of the year.


In my case, I first discovered David Oyelowo last year in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”. Oyelowo portrayed Louis, the rebellious eldest son of Forest Whitaker’s titular character. I was mesmerized by Oyelowo’s on screen presence and how this newbie was able to hold his own in front of veterans Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.

Oyelowo dans "Lee Daniels' The Butler", quand une image vaut mille mots...

Oyelowo dans “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”, quand une image vaut mille mots…

Prior to that role, Oyelowo has mainly held supporting roles in different films: from James Franco’s evil boss in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, a preacher in “The Help”, and parts in “Lincoln”, “Jack Reacher” and the I-really-want-to-see-this-but-it-incomprehensibly-is-not-available-on-DVD-yet “Middle of Nowhere”. In other words, you might have seen him before but if you blinked too quickly, you’ve likely missed him!

Oyelowo dans "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"... oopsies!!

Oyelowo dans “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”… oopsies!!

On to 2014! What are the exciting projects that are likely to make Oyelowo a household name? Here’s the rundown!

Interstellar (November 7, 2014) – If the fact that this is the new Christopher Nolan movie doesn’t get you excited enough, perhaps the fact that it’s a sci-fi (read: not a Batman movie!!) and features Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine (duh!) will convince you otherwise. Oyelowo’s role is still unknown though he is seen in the trailer and it looks like he might be McConaughey’s character’s boss, perhaps he’ll be more important than Nolan wants us to believe. Nolan sure has a knack for twists… 😉

Just for you guys, a "print screen" from the trailer !

Just for you guys, a “print screen” from the trailer ! 😉

A Most Violent Year (November 12, 2014) – From the amazing J.C. Chandor (“Margin Call”, “All is Lost”) comes a drama about an immigrant family (Oscar Isaac and Chastain once again) struggling to build a life for themselves in the New York City of 1981, the most violent year on record for the metropolis. Oyelowo is third billed on the cast list so I guess it’s safe to say that his part will be of importance in the storyline, though I have yet to find more information or a picture.

Two other smaller films are listed on Oyelowo’s IMDb page for release this year, the thriller Captive (TBD) co-starring Kate Mara about a hostage situation… and the thriller Default (TBD) about a hostage situation (but without Kate Mara!). I had initially included the trailer for “Default” but it was so headache inducing that I deleted it! Oy! The editing!

Selma (December 25, 2014) – Now if there’s one breakout role amongst the aforementioned ones, it should be Oyelowo’s role in “Selma”. Why? 1) He plays the lead role 2) of Martin Luther King, Jr. The movie was supposed to be released next year but its release date got moved ahead to this Christmas (read: prime Oscar spot!) and Oprah Winfrey will co-star and produce (!!) and Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company is also a producing partner (!!!), and don’t we all know what happened to Plan B produced “12 Years a Slave” last year, right? 😉

Not an actual pic from the film, but the best I could find of Oyelowo with his MLK 'stache, along with Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, the film's director.

Not an actual pic from the film, but the best I could find of Oyelowo with his MLK ‘stache, along with Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay, the film’s director.

So there you have it! Keep your ears and eyes open to David Oyelowo, he’s going to be big! 🙂


4 thoughts on “2014: the Year of David Oyelowo

  1. ah mais oui je le connais…mais je confondais avec un autre aunom toujours difficile à prononcer qui est dans 12 years of slave 😉


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