The Shruster Review: “The Counselor”

Watts at the Movies is pleased to announce her collaboration with a new writer, her beloved friend Shruster! “The Shruster Review” will appear sporadically on WATM providing succinct insight on films. First up, a movie I still haven’t seen despite Michael Fassbender being in it and which I don’t think I really want to see! 😉

A counselor decides to partake in the world of drugs even though he knows it is dangerous. Will it end well? Of course not! Poor Penelope Cruz dies! Poor Brad Pitt dies! Poor Javier Bradem dies! Poor Michael Fassbender cries! Poor Rosie Perez’s son gets his head cut off! Who is Rosie Perez? Who cares! Finally, poor Cameron Diaz loses her jungle cats, but is friggin’ rich! Terrible movie, SHAMEful by Ridley Scott.

Rating: 0.5 (for being a fan of Cruz) out of 100

The Counselor


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